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The aim of this blog is to provide free content for people who are new in the web development industry. Learning web development can be difficult at the start, but be rest assured, I’ll make sure to cover topics that will further strengthen your knowledge

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A Break Down of HTTP Status Code

HTTP which stands for  Hypertext Transfer Protocol helps to indicate if a response is successful or not. Status codes are guided by section 10 of RFC 2616. Most of the time, the users do not see the codes returned from the browser

7 Ways To Stay Healthy As A Programmer

The working environment of an average programmer entails sitting around a desk for long hours surrounded by gadgets. The reality here is that there is a huge possibility of programmers developing certain health conditions and computer-related injuries…

7 Must Have Skill For A Modern Day Front-end Developer

Gone are the days were front-end web development is all about creating websites with just custom Htmlcss and probably a bit of javascript for interaction.

With the popularity of frameworks and libraries, the requirements to work as a front-end developer continues to become more ambiguous.